Despite the inevitable effort and stressors of building whilst parenting young children, both working and pregnant, we have been consistently impressed and buoyed by Michael and his wonderful team Mary, Matthew and Maria. From the outset they have demonstrated unwavering commitment to create a beautiful home for us (and simultaneously for someone else also!).

At our initial meeting, we specifically expressed our need for open, direct communication throughout the process and we also clearly articulated our ignorance of the ins and outs of the process (in terms of regulations, permits, timelines linked to various processes such as building permit, etc.).

Michael has gone above and beyond to explain various processes along the way, consult with us about both major and minor decisions and has always reassured us that "no question, concern or query is a silly one".

All our communications with him and his team can be characterized by the following descriptors:




Honest & upfront

Clear communication

Along the way there have been numerous issues that Michael has had to bring to our attention in order to progress the build- on all of these occasions he has come to us with well thought out potential solutions but also a willingness to consult and act on our wishes.

We feel incredibly grateful to have had our home built by Berman Homes!”

Ruth & Jeremy Ellett 28.3.14

Berman Homes has figured prominently in our lives for the last 18 months or so from the early days of planning and going back and forth to the architect, right through to delivery of our beautiful new home a few weeks ago.  For us, the prospect of building a home from scratch was both exciting and daunting given our lack of building industry knowledge and we knew that our choice of builder was crucial.  In Michael Xafis and Berman Homes we found a builder that was prepared to answer our questions, listen to our concerns and do everything possible to ensure we were satisfied with the process and the product.  In our client-builder relationship Michael repaid the trust we placed in him with honesty and integrity in all matters.  It wasn't long before we recognised that he was building a home for us that not only met our expectations on quality and finish but in fact, went further than that to meet his own exacting and uncompromising standards.  At all times he took pains to consult us on matters as they arose, big or small, expected or unexpected, seeking our input and explaining the impact and cost of the issues that invariably arise with such a big project.  Michael's uncompromising standards were reflected in the team of skilled trades & contractors involved on the build who all exhibited the same attention to detail we had come to expect from Berman Homes.  We could not be happier with the end result. Berman Homes has delivered to us a beautiful home of which we are extremely proud.  Of all the decisions that we have faced with building our home, the first one – that of choosing the builder – was the most important one for us.  As I said to Michael recently, I feel this house is as much his as it is ours because we felt we were part of a true partnership from beginning to end to achieve something of quality and beauty.  We are the ultimate happy customers!”

Darren & Nicole Morris 28.2.14

The collaboration with Berman Homes started, to our pleasant surprise, even before we signed the contract. Even at the preliminaries it was suggested we investigate the sewerage issues, regardless of the outcome. It turns out that was brilliant advice which saved us a  lot of time. Later Michael followed throughout the whole process, went with us to the meetings and helped deal with the plumbing commission on some tricky issues.

It was overall an excellent collaboration. All the issues were presented on time and dealt as they happened, sometimes even beforehand. The whole process was open and with a lot of trust, resulting in the nice home we got. We are looking forward into possibly doing more projects in the future with the same builder. Highly recommended!”

Tatjana & Vladimir 27.6.13 

Two months ago my husband and I moved into our home. The actual move was a little overwhelming however dealing with Michael Xafis from Berman Homes was an absolute delight, from start to finish.

Even though we have renovated in the past, this was the first time we started from scratch and developed two townhouses. From the minute we met at the Berman Homes office to the day Michael gave us our keys to the property, the entire process was extremely positive. Michael assisted in matters and issues that had nothing to do with him and went above and beyond, showing us understanding and patience at all times.

It is not often you here great or even good things about a builder or building process, however we have nothing but wonderful things to say. Michael and his team always kept us informed and gave us a plenty of notice and information. We would use Michael and his team in the future, with no hesitation.

We would highly recommend Michael Xafis and the team at Berman Homes.

Inessa & Gidon Kabaker

“Michael, you are fabulous!
Thank you, thank you, thanks.
We will definitely be looking forward to doing our next project with you & Berman!“

“What a wonderful experience you have made building our home. Nothing was ever a problem with you, And we appreciate the time, effort & dedication you have shown Towards our project.
not just a wonderful builder but a great man.”


Initially we selected our architect to design two unique detached luxury homes to be built on a triangular block with a large rear easement.

I then needed a capable and flexible building company to complete our housing project on our difficult site. Initially both houses were to be built and then sold but we decided to move into the larger home after the plans were completed.

Once Berman Homes was appointed and construction commenced we saw the builder's workmanship made the decision easy to keep the second as an investment, as I became sure the long term quality would add value to the properties.

The building experience of Berman Homes is far and wide and if quality is what you require I cannot recommend them highly enough. The houses were completed on time and within budget by Berman Homes who also offered excellent after sales service once the homes were completed.

For our next project I will be appointing Berman Homes as our builders.


I would like to personally thank you for all your service and support in the past year, for taking the time to listen and for your focus and commitment on "getting it right".

You have certainly showed a great amount of care, respect and tolerance. I would like to comment on your friendly approach, honesty and integrity. Any minor issues, which are normal in the building of a new home, were dealt with immediately and professionally. Everything that I asked to be done or changed, was not too big of a problem.

I have no hesitation in recommending Berman Homes to anyone who is contemplating on building a new home. I am enjoying mine and looking forward to further dealings with Berman Homes in the future. You've been a blessing to work with!